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El Gihad


This is were you will understand the truth.
Who is faking facts? And who is suffering?
All this you can read at this amazing site.
We are only telling the truth....

Our Mission


This is a Gihad organization. We want people to know the truth, before they say that people doing gihad are terrorists... About time to wake up..........


Organization News

Now you will read and see some facts and you can judge yourself if gihad is terrorisim.....


A Israel military soldier pointing a sniper against a 3 years old child.
How would you have felt if somebody shot you child for nothing?
Or insulted you for fun?


What is terrorism? Who are the terrorists? What is the difference between a deefender and a terrorist?

Terrorism is when a group atcks a another group, with no good reason.
Or when a human is hurting/insulting a another human.
So far the media always says that the selfbombers are terrorists, and many people do think so.... But its wrong to say so! Why?
Let me give you an example: Israelians came to Palastina and started throwing the palastinians out of there own house. They started killing them, taking there lands from them and insulting them. Why doesent anybody say that they are terrorist? When a palastinian selfbomb him self and kill isaraelians to deefend his country and to take revenge, then people say that it was a terrorist act. Its not a terrorist act. But its called deefending. Because if deefending is terrorism then what is deefending really called?
The real terrorists are the ones who start it. So far the ones who hvae started war and hate are: Arial Sharon, Saddam Hussein, Tony Blair and George W Bush. You cant say that Bin Laden is a terrorist, if you cant proove that he is the one behind what happend in 9/11.





Is it a war or terrorism?

Can you call it war when only the oneside of the twosides  has waepon? The oneside has worlds most new and equipt weapon and the otherside are throwing rocks. Why are they throwing rocks? They are throwing rocks because they have nothing else to fight with.
The israelians has the best snipers, machineguns, tanks, cars, flyes and buildosers. And what do the palastinians have?
A few ak`s and rocks to throw. Is it fair? The oneside throwing small rocks aginst a tank and the otherside are bombing 2 or 3 whole buildings with a few F-16`s.
Now that I we would like to name Terrorism.
They are not allowing them to go out, and not even opening their windows. They are breaking in to a house and taking all the males from the age of 14  or 15 and up to torture. Those are the biggest terrorist acts ever can be done. They are innocent but still they are taking them to torture. How would you react/feel if somebody did one of the follwing things above to you or you family and friends? Think for a moment.....


A palastinian child at the of 11 or 12 throwing a rock against a huge tank. Why? Maybe they have killed somebody he loved or insulted him or people he know. Why is throwing a rock. Because that is the only thing they have to fight with agains all the new good equipt machines.

Becoming a Member

There is a lot of things you have to go thru to be a member of gihad crue. But we believe nobody wants to risk dying if there is not a good reason.

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